IT’S PROM (Hair Tutorial)

Mid-May brings some of the best things of the year. As the “winter” in Southern California turns to summer (we just skip spring all together), no matter where you are, you can feel the energy of teens and young adults getting excited for graduation and summer break. But before they step on that stage and accept their diploma, they’ve got one thing to do: Go to prom.

Prom season makes me so happy. I haven’t been to a prom in 5+ years, but I miss having events to get all dressed up for. So this year when my baby sister asked me to help her get ready for the big day, I was so thrilled. I actually might have been more excited to be getting her ready than she was to be actually going to prom.

After spending a few days Pinning and re-Pinning ideas to each other (what would we do without Pinterest), we finally settled on a hairstyle. And I promised you guys a tutorial, so here it is. (Note: Sorry about all the clutter in the background of the pictures, it was a busy day – don’t judge me).


Step 1: Curls

I feel like everyone likes to curl their hair differently, so do whatcha gotta do to get the curl done. I like to break the hair up into three sections horizontally. The bottom layer I curl away from the face, the middle layer I curl towards the face, and the top layer I curl away from the face. For my sister, I strayed a little from my way because it wasn’t going to matter much once the braid got put in. I curled her hair with a basic 1″ curler, starting from the top and dragging it down.


Step 2: Double Dutch

Once her whole head was curled, I started my Dutch braid process. A Dutch braid is a lot like a French braid (those Europeans know what’s UP), but it’s inside out. So, instead of folding the outside strands over the middle strand, you fold them under the middle strand. But the process of collecting a new section from the sides as you go is still the same. Since my sister only wanted half her hair up, I stopped around halfway down her head and finished the braid. Then I did the other side.


Step 3: Loosen up!

I know, I just did all that hard work! But if you’re like my sister and your hair is thin and fine or you’re like me and your hair is short or you just like the messier look, you’ll want to pull them apart a little. It adds a little volume and honestly just makes your hair look more fun.


Step 4: Wrap-Pin

Once her braids were a little looser, I wrapped them towards each other, tucked them in, and pinned her ends so they would stay!


Step 5: Just keep pinning

Once her ends were tucked in, I took out her rubber bands. You can pin the rest of your braids if you feel like you need the extra support. My sister is going to be dancing the night away with her Prince Charming, so I really secured her braids to her head. We wouldn’t want a hair malfunction in the middle of prom. After I pinned her all up, I went through and touched up her curls, and voila! C’est fini!

IMG_3394 IMG_3397 IMG_3404

Hurray! I have another tutorial for my classic full-head up-do coming soon.

Was this helpful? Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

2 thoughts on “IT’S PROM (Hair Tutorial)

  1. Thanks, this is very helpful. I might try this on my sister for her prom! or myself on any given day without the curls. Great job. P.S. from what I’ve seen of your pictures your sister looks like she could be your twin!


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