Hello, friends!

Welcome to a new sort of blog post for Golden Aged Girl! I’m hoping to be doing a lot more posting about a wider variety of things (obviously, I’ll keep writing about my life on here too, since it’s cathartic and I love it).

Today’s post features some other things I love and one of the most fun parties I’ve ever been to. Now, you may think that’s not saying a lot because a) I don’t go to a lot of parties and b) I don’t particularly like parties, but, just trust me. It was such a blast.

A few weeks ago, my friend James came to me and asked me if I wanted to come to a rainbow unicorn type party where we would be doing arts and crafts. My answer was obviously yes (cuz I love arts and crafts).

As a member of a creative community called Davenparty started by Jane Davenport, James has a lot of practice making beautiful pieces of mixed media art for the brand. He used his wealth of knowledge and insanely creative brain to design every single piece of this party. I’m not exaggerating. Every piece. It was insane. Check out some pictures here!

James made this beautiful watercolor sign by hand! I just want to make my own now with the letters of my name to hang in my room! Too much?
James drew out these Art Journal Placemats that we painted in using the supplies we were given. Look how bright and colorful!
These unicorn party hats are what dreams are made of.
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.34.55 PM
Left: Me, working on my placemat. Top: James even made a photobooth (complete with handmade props!) for us to take selfies in! Bottom: Where to, miss? Paris, duh.
Living my best life, honestly. Also, can we talk about how perfectly I match the decor? #happyaccident
I wrote a pretty alphabet and made my own washi tape! (I’d never heard about washi tape before this, but I’m a big fan now).
Look how cute we are!

This project was so much fun to be a part of!

Special shout out to James Burke for throwing this party, Jane Davenport for all of these amazing supplies (I need her watercolor palettes), and Steve Limones for the video and photos! And of course to my friends Jaclyn and Haylie because they’re the best party people around.

To see how James made all of these things check out James’ original post!

And check out the video here!

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