Hi there!

I’m Kaitlin, a Southern Californian girl who likes to wear pretty clothes, write stories about her life, and drink margaritas. Give me a good book and an ocean view, and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life.

I started this blog in 2014 after my life plan took an unexpected turn. Over the last few years, its evolved into something I hope can bring a little joy, hope, and inspiration to everyone in whatever facet they need.

My goal is to look for beauty in the little things all around me and hope that it inspires you to find that, too.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there, I read your blog and think you have a beautiful spirit and personality. You are adorable as well, any ways keep your spirits high and hope you have a lovely day


  2. Hi Kaitlin! I stumbled upon your journal and I wanted to tell you how much I love your writing. The imagery and emotion you evoke is beyond anyone I’ve ever met. I couldn’t stop reading!

    I felt bad delving into your personal story, and I’m not exactly your targeted audience, but I’m glad I found your blog nonetheless. I hope you’re happy and always inspired; you deserve it!


    1. Don’t feel bad delving into my story. It’s online for a reason; if I didn’t want people to hear the story, I wouldn’t have put it online.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and appreciated it. I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you so much for your sweet words.


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